Aldi scores with cheap whisky

It is certainly advisable to invest in good whiskeys. But a good whiskey does not have to be expensive at all. This has been proven by two whiskeys of budget-supermarket chain Aldi. During the Spirits Business Scotch Whisky Master 2018, a competition by The Spirits Business magazine, the expert jury awarded Aldi's whiskeys with no less... Continue Reading →

Whisky Societies: The Scotch Malt Whisky Society

In my previous post, I discussed the illustrious Keepers of the Quaich. Today it's time to shed a light on another global whisky society. The Scotch Malt Whisky Society (SMWS)began in the late 1970's when Phillip 'Pip' Hills bought a quarter cask of Glenfarclas single-cask Scotch malt whisky.  He shared his experience with university friends and... Continue Reading →

Whisky Societies: Keepers of the Quaich

Whisky is becoming a more popular drink worldwide. Friends who plan whisky tastings together, more restaurants and bars are promoting whisky along with food pairings and new whisky brands and types are introduced regularly. You name it! Also societies around whiskies are becoming more of interest and are getting more members. In the two coming... Continue Reading →


Maybe you have heard of Diageo when reading an article about whisky or saw it somewhere in an advertisement. But what is it? Diageo plc, established in 1997, is a British multinational alcoholic beverages company with a London-based headquarters.  The company was formed by the merger of Guinness and Grand Metropolitan and the name of... Continue Reading →

The fine art of making whisky

In my opinion, distilling whisky is a fine art. Quite magical as well; creating something so sophisticated with just water and barley. How do they do that? In this blog I will tell you all about the steps of making whisky; from raw materials, to malting, mashing, fermenting, distilling, and finally maturing. Poor yourself a wee dram, sit... Continue Reading →

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