Nice to peat you!

It was on a cold winter's evening, when me and some mates sat down by a nice roaring fire and I first tasted a peaty whisky that one of the guys brought along. It was a 10-year old Talisker Single Malt. I was instantly hooked by the smokey taste of the Talisker, something I've never... Continue Reading →

The Angel’s Share & Devil’s Cut

During the maturing process of whisky, about 2% of the liquid evaporates from the barrel each year. Two percent doesn't seem much, but the longer the whisky is maturing in the barrel, the more will be lost. For example, a 20-year old whisky can lose up to 40% of its contents due to evaporation. The... Continue Reading →

Facts about whisky

The exact origin of whisky is unknown, it's existence was first documented in Ireland in the early 1300s. The Red Book of Ossory, written at Kilkenny Cathedral, provides the first references to distillation and to Aqua Vitae, the water of life. Here are some more facts about whisky. Did you know that... there are two... Continue Reading →

Welcome, whisky-lovers!

It has been an incredible week in Wigtown, Galloway and Dumfries, Scotland. Wigtown is also known as Scotland's national book town. My fiancé booked the apartment above The Open Book two years ago via AirBnB. This bookshop is now already fully booked for the coming 3 years! Ok, this blog is not about books. However... Continue Reading →

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